Classes - Self-Pay & Patient Collections Strategies

Self-Pay & Patient Collections Strategies




To maintain fiscal fitness and boost patient satisfaction and loyalty, healthcare providers need visibility into when and how much they will be paid–by whom–and the ability to better navigate obstacles to payment. This course will summarize the issues surrounding self-pay collections (patients with no insurance, high deductible plans, or patient balances after insurance pays) and will present strategies for successfully collecting the patient’s self-pay balances.  This course will also discuss the utilization of collections agencies and collections attorneys.


At the conclusion of this course, the attendee will be able to utilize strategies that will positively impact the self-pay/patient collections portion of the revenue cycle; utilize best practices for up-front collections as well as collections on the back end; utilize various metrics to plan strategically for collecting bad debt; and determining when to use collections agencies and how to select the correct agency for bad debt collections.